1. Climate and the Constitution Book

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By Dr. Harrison H. Schmitt. (“Americans should think long and hard about their children’s future before giving up liberties and incomes to politicians in Washington and at the United Nations in the name of “doing something” about climate change. The scientific rationale behind this proposed massive intrusion into American life requires more than a “consensus” of like-minded climate analysts and bureaucrats. It needs to be right.” — HHS). The Foreword was written by Professor Bob Carter, an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand. He is a paleontologist, stratigrapher, marine geologist and an environmental scientist. Currently Chief Science Advisor to the International Climate Science Coalition, Carter notes that ( “This book is written by a supremely well informed, well qualified and thoughtful scientist, and formerly active senior politician. Jack Schmitt has identified accurately the need for corrective action now, and careful future vigilance, against the undue influence that is being exerted on our political systems by post-modern modes of scientific thinking and policy formulation.” ), and concludes by saying: (“Thank you, Jack Schmitt, for providing us with the wise scientific guidance and political leadership that is today so sadly lacking in Washington and other western national capitals.” )

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