a. Headings of Chapter 8

To facilitate entry into the Chapter at different reading times, it has been divided into the following sections. The first entry is the same as starting at the beginning.


Day Six – Landing in the Valley of Taurus-Littrow

Challenger Wakes Up: Power and Environmental Control

Computer, Guidance, and Communications

Attitude Control

Hatch Closing and Rendezvous Radar

Suit Loop and Cabin Pressure Integrity


Landing Radar Checkout

Descent Propulsion System Checkout

Descent Propulsion System Pressurization and Checkout

AGS Activation

AGS Control and Rendezvous Radar Checks

Inertial Measuring Unit Fine Alignment

Crew Optical Alignment System (COAS) Calibration

AGS Calibration

Descent Orbit Insertion – 2

Powered Descent and Landing