Chapter 12 – Pages of History

Section 1: EVA-3: Wake up; breakfast; suiting up; opening the front door; calibrating LRV NAV system; traverse to Station 6 via Turning Point Rock; field work at Station 6; traverse to Station 7.

Day 8 – Third Extravehicular Activity (EVA-3)


EVA-3 Wake Up and Preparation

EVA-3 Begins

Operations at the SEP Transmitter

Traverse to Station 6

Turning Point Rock

Approaching the Station 6 Split-Boulder

Station 6 – The North Massif

Traverse to Station 7

Section 2: Extensive field work around the Station 7 boulder; traverse to Station 8, passing the two large a,b boulders photographed from Station 6; Extensive field work around Station 8.

Station 7 – The North Massif

Traverse to Station 8

Station 8 – The Sculptured Hills

Section 3: Distinguishing between SWP and Bowen craters on the traverse to Station 9 at Van Serg Crater; surveying the breccia of the Van Serg ejecta blanket; taking three panoramas of the site; the long traverse to Challenger; investigating Gatsby, Sherlock and San Luis Rey Craters; ending the last lunar EVA; documenting the ALSEP site; the Olympic-style hammer throw.

Traverse to Station 9

Station 9 – Van Serg Crater

Traverse to Challenger

Gatsby, Sherlock, and San Luis Rey Craters

Ending the Last Lunar EVA


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