5. 49th Lunar & Planetary Science Conference

(left to right): Dr. Carle M. Peters (Brown University; panel moderator): Dr. Clive R. Neal (Univ.  of Notre Dame; Interlocutor); Gerald D. Griffin (Apollo 17 Mission Control Flight Director); Dr. Harrison H. Schmitt (Apollo 17 Lunar Module Pilot); Prof. James W. Head III (Apollo 17 Mission Control Backroom Science Team).

The LPSC-49 special session devoted to the Apollo 17 exploration of the Moon on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 ended with a panel discussion that began at 5:00 p.m.  The video of the discussion can be seen by clicking here, and then clicking “watch again”.

Gerry Griffin during his overview presentation that launched the day’s activities.

The day began with an overview of the flight of Apollo 17 given by Gerry Griffin, who was the lead Flight Director along with his Gold Flight Team of the Apollo 17 mission. (Gerry and his team also directed the Apollos 12 and 15 missions; and shared responsibility with other teams for handling the events during the Apollo 13 mission and its safe return to the Earth).

Dr. Harrison H. Schmitt during his invited presentation.

The Invited Talk of 30 min was given by Jack Schmitt followed by 11 additional presentations of 15 min each during the morning session; and 14 more 15 min papers presented in the afternoon session. Schmitt’s 2-page Abstract on which his talk was based can be downloaded here.



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