8. Reviews of “Return to the Moon”

Return to the Moon: Exploration, Enterprise, and Energy
in the Human Settlement of Space

The Moon is not just a “local” destination, argues former NASA Astronaut Harrison Schmitt. As a destination, the Moon presents us with a goal that tests our resourcefulness and determination. How much are we willing to spend to re-establish ourselves as space-farers? Return to the Moon proposes that we begin planning, and now, for the establishment of human outposts on the Moon? Not just as an exercise in technology and discovery, and not just as a way of fulfilling our destiny as explorers and pioneers. Schmitt, having himself traveled to and literally walked on the Moon, is no stranger to technology, discovery, and a sense of our destiny as explorers; but in this book he focuses on a return to the moon as a business proposition.

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From other reviews:

“There have been many books written about the future lunar exploration and the long-term benefits to the Moon’s and Earth’s occupants of doing so. Only one book, however, has been written by a man who has actually been to the Moon, explored its surface, and knows firsthand the economic benefits locked in the Moon’s regolith. Harrison Scmitt’s Return to the Moon will serve as a blueprint for how to achieve this and contribute to making the Vision for Space Exploration a reality.” (Anthony Young, The Space Review, January 3, 2006)

“Astronaut geologist Harrison Schmitt outlines his vision of a Return to the Moon, and the mining of helium 3 to provide a future energy source for the earth. … The result is an erudite and persuasive thesis … . This is an important book and one that really should be read … . The book is well written, challenging and prescient.” (Michael Condry, Spaceflight, Vol. 49, January, 2007)

“The author has unique qualifications for writing this exposition. Schmitt was the only scientist among 12 astronauts to visit the Moon …. There are … excellent diagrams and pictures from the author’s own Apollo 17 mission. Springer is becoming a major publisher of space books for professionals, especially through its Copernicus and Praxis affiliations, who were responsible for this stimulating volume.” (Philip R. Harris, Space Policy, Vol. 23 (2), 2007)

“Former NASA Astronaut Harrison Schmitt … presents a compelling case for returning man to the moon. … This bold book is detail oriented and describes how Schmitt would reinvigorate the U.S. space program through a public-private partnership to mine helium-3 on the moon for generating inexpensive fusion power on Earth. Dr. Schmitt, a geologist, astronaut, U.S. Senator, businessman, and teacher, uses his years of experience and knowledge to carefully craft a program to put man back into deep space for the long term.” (K. Eric Livo, Economic Geology, Vol. 101, 2006)